Episode 7 / Faith E. Briggs

“I love having folks to be stride in stride with. There’s a lot of community in sweating together.”

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Faith E. Briggs is a runner, storyteller, and documentary filmmaker passionate about sharing contemporary stories from diverse communities. Her work spans many fields, and we talk about some of her amazing documentary films including This Land, which digs into conversations about public lands, what it means to be a conservationist and who is invited to the conversation. As part of making that film, she ran 150 miles across public lands and monuments alongside local community members in order to educate herself on the history and importance of the land. Faith was also a sprinter during her college years at Yale University and we bond here over our shared alma mater and residential college dorm, Ezra Stiles (feat. our favorite mentor/Head of College, Steve Pitti– GFM, Stiles forever). We chat about how she balanced her academic, cultural and social life during those years and spend quite a bit of time discussing her personal running journey.

In this Episode:

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Music by Jacob Shije (Santa Clara Pueblo, NM).

This podcast was made possible through the Tracksmith Fellowship Program.

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