Episode 33 / Oiselle 2021 Women Run the Vote Panel: Historical & Present Erasure of Black & Indigenous Communities in the Land/Outdoors

Oiselle 2021 Women Run the Vote Panel (on September 21, 2021) on the historical and present erasure of Black and Indigenous communities from the land/outdoors was moderated by Dinée Dorame, with Teresa BakerRebecca McCownGuarina Lopez, and Faith Briggs.

The 2021 Women Run the Vote Virtual Relay covered 907 miles from Apsaalooké (Crow) lands at Yellowstone National Park and ended in Duwamish territory in Seattle, WA from September 20th – 26th, 2021. More than 75 physical activities could be logged and converted to miles on the virtual route to provide an inclusive experience for participants of all abilities. Event organizers Oiselle and Run 4 All Women aimed to educate participants about indigenous sovereignty and environmental justice while raising funds for the Duwamish Tribe of Seattle, National Indigenous Women’s Resource Center, and Runners for Public Lands. The event raised $111,000 in total, with $37,000 being donated to each of the three organizations.

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Music by Jacob Shije (Santa Clara Pueblo, NM).

This podcast was made possible through the Tracksmith Fellowship Program.

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