Episode 38 / Dr. Amanda Cheromiah

“All our Indigenous communities have runners that were messengers and caretakers…runners were the ones that helped communicate important messages about when to uprise..we are Indigenous runners, we are lifelines to our people and communities.”

Dr. Amanda Cheromiah (Laguna Pueblo) is an educator, storyteller, photographer, and avid runner. She recently received her PhD in Higher Education from the University of Arizona and is currently the Director of the Native SOAR (Student Outreach, Access & Resilience) Program on campus. Her dissertation, “The Indigenous Revolt in Education: Indigenous Feat – A Scholar’s Pace,” uses Indigenous methods of storytelling to highlight the experiences of 11 Indigenous runners, including herself. Her work focuses on the intersection of the higher education, running, land, spirituality, Indigenous cultures, and health–while also showing Native students that they are not alone in their educational journey and that we all ultimately “move at our own pace.” In her free time, Dr. Cheromiah is a photographer and tells us about how being partially blind empowers her art and impacts her running. Join us in conversation as we discuss everything from college access to mental health to our favorite running gear!

In This Episode:

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Music by Jacob Shije (Santa Clara Pueblo, NM).

This podcast was made possible through the Tracksmith Fellowship Program.

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